Challenge Defective Service of Process
Improper Service or Invalid Service Consultant
Challenge, Dismiss, Oppose and or Quash Service of Process in Florida
A consulting service offered to Attorneys representing
defendants, respondents and or witnesses who were improperly served.
Our Office offers civil procedure consulting expertise to Attorneys seeking expert testimony
 to dismiss defective service of process

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Some questions to ask with respect to defective service of process.
How was service of process was made / or not.
Who and how was the  affidavit of service / return on service / proof of service was drafted?
Who served the legal documents and was the process server licensed?
Was the service of process made in the appropriate statutory time?
Was there a witness fee issued?
Was the defendant given enough time to respond?
Was the process server a contractor, sub-contractor or a direct service of process service provider?
Was the process server employed directly by the Plaintiff or Attorney of Record?
What compensation was agreed to?
How were the service documents signed?
How were the services documents issued?
Was the affidavit / return / proof filed?
Was the defendant served in compliance with the issuing jurisdiction statutes?

The ultimate goal of challenging Defective Service:
How to have service of process dismissed.
How to have service of process quashed.
To motion for postponement.

Defective Service of Process in Florida involves a motion to quash among other legal procedures. We offer quash consulting services. To learn more about our quash advisory services please visit us at,

Telephone: 800-987-4680

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Defective Service Advisory is a specialized professional opinion of a
Licensed Process Server and or a Licensed Private Investigator employed by our office in Florida.
Our advisory services are offered to Attorneys ONLY. We do not offer any services to the public.

We do NOT offer Legal Advice, we are NOT Attorneys.

If you need legal advice, always contact a Lawyer / Attorney.
We are not Attorneys, we work primarily for Attorneys, Law Offices and Legal Professionals ONLY.

Defective Service consulting services are offered as professional opinion ONLY
and are used for challenging opposing legal proceedings for defendants and witnesses.

All Defective services are predicated upon applicable State and or Federal Statutes

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